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What is the Truth? Vol. I

Throughout the times and the Ages a countless number of themes or topics regarding Great Questions, Enigmas, Mysteries, Philosophies, etc; has arisen in the debate of Human Beings, one of those controversial Topics has to do with THE TRUTH, we want to take advantage of the beginning of this Tribune of Debates to begin with a question that was formulated to Jesus the Messiah by an official of the Roman Empire, we refer to Pontius Pilate (member of the equestrian order, was the fifth prefect of the roman province of Judea, between the years 26 and 36 d.C.), let’s see what is related in the Good News of John 18/38: "Pilate saith unto him, What is truth? And when he had said this, he went out again unto the Jews, and saith unto them, I find in him no fault [at all." As you may have appreciated, the roman official, makes one of those questions that for millenniums man has made himself, without finding an answer that hits the target, in other words the only thing that has been obtained are quasi truths, conjectures and in general, darkness and deceits of what we are outlining.

Even though it is true as a matter of fact that in the World there exists the Truth and the Lie as the extremes of the weapons of Good and Evil, it is also a proven fact that both sides have been distorted throughout history.

Truly, it is fundamental to establish a base upon which we can maneuver and set upon in such a journey that can allow us to auscultate the great Secrets and Mysteries of Life and at the same time to find the existent answers about them and at the end of the journey we can understand in a clear and convincing way the things the way they are, without inventing any doctrine, theology or deceitful science with dark purposes for not finding the Truth.

Let’s begin establishing an anchorage point that can allow us to locate and reference us in our search of the Truth, that is why we consider fundamental the study of THE EXISTENCE OR NOT OF GOD, and we say that it is fundamental because we consider that it is vital to continue or not with the Search of the Truth.

There exists two millennial positions regarding THE EXISTENCE OR NOT OF GOD, namely: The Theos and the Atheists; in simple words: those who believe in God and those who do not believe in God; among those who Believe in God there is a countless maze of branches that studying it is fundamental to understand why there is a Babel of confusion now days in the Theme of Religion, but now we are not going to enter in that labyrinth, but we will follow other.

We consider that in order to see path clearly it is fundamental to throw away all the baals that we can have as religion within us, the same way to eliminate all the paradigms, beliefs and assumptions that spin around our beliefs, is fundamental to leave everything behind, because failure to do so, we will never be able to find the answers we are searching.

So please, leave behind your false cults and beliefs that won´t help you find the Truth that you are seeking so eagerly, depart from them, free your mind of those deceits and lies and for the very first time give yourself an opportunity of searching something without the contamination of the leaven of the Pharisees (Modern Religious People)

Lets start first establishing one fundamental truth: Is good to give a small example of what any person, whoever you are, does at the moment they become part of a religious group, instead of using any other name that fit them well, but we shall let the illustration speak for itself what we intend to say:

"When a person goes shopping for a shirt, never enters the store and just takes any shirt, buys it and leaves. Normally that person enters the store, observes how much the shirt costs, checks its quality, tries it on and looks for a color it likes. And if all of these requisites are met then possibly the person would buy the shirt in question."

Now then, when a person, whoever you are, enters a religious group, what do you do? Well absolutely nothing of the illustration we just told, since the first thing that is done is embracing this new "faith" without questioning anything about what they believe in or not even investigating the least about their doctrines or beliefs. In other words most people are more worried about buying a shirt, which is perishable, than for their souls that will go to Eternity without knowing what will happen beyond death. Is that correct? Think about it…

When we started the search of the Truth, the first thing we did was to throw away our baals in other words everything that we were taught by religious groups was discarded and we were left without any belief and faith, because everything was tested and put to debate, was questioned, so we can clean ourselves from the leaven of the Pharisees if we stop believing in that.

So as we expressed previously, all those that want to know the Truth must abandon their Ideologies, Doctrines, Dogmas, Theories, Paradigms, among others, because only that way you can free yourselves from the media siege of the Religion and escape to the Doors of the Unique Faith of the True God.

The first questioning that we put as a theme of debate was the Existence of God, we started from that point because it was fundamental the answer to such a question, the debated was centered first in the Creationist doctrine and in the Evolutionist doctrine, both confronting each other throughout the times; so we began our investigation in the most important point of the battle of the Evolutionists, and that has to do with the Matter, the Evolution and hence the existence or not of God; the first thing to which we had access regarding scientific and proven knowledge was the following: "The uranium is a radioactive element more heavier than radio. Its atomic weight is 238,5. When decomposing, it releases an atom of helium (atomic weight of 4). When this repeats three times, then the substance that remains is radio, whose atomic weight is 226,4 approximately. So radio is simply the final product of uranium, after it has released three atoms of helium. Then the process of disintegration of radio continues and the final product of that process of radioactive disintegration is the element of lead. Of course, this process requires a lot of time; it is calculated that the period of radio is of 1590 years and that of uranium is even bigger (The uranium decays very slowly emitting and alpha particle. The period of semi disintegration of the 238-uranium is approximately 4.470 million years and that of uranium- 235 is 704 million years, which converts them useful for estimating the age of the Earth)".

In other words what Science illustrates and shows us is that Matter is not Eternal but is disintegrating from its original element and converts in other of lesser quality, in other words regarding this element of the Periodic Table is that evolution does not exist in the broad sense as it have been tried to inculcate and teach, in other words we face to an inexorably Truth and is that Matter has not always existed but has a date, it does not matter how many thousands or millions of years we are talking.

So problems begin for those that have embraced blindly the Theory of Charles Darwin, because the very same Science is specific and clear that the Matter is not Eternal and if it is not Eternal, more questions arise such as: Where does Matter comes from? Who created Matter? Why does Matter has Time within it? With what purpose was matter created? Among many other questions.

So we consider that we have begun the great debate of who is Right, because Science has proven and answered that the Matter did not came out of nothing, but had a beginning and hence it will have inexorably an end, so now we question the following: The evolutionists, humanists, scientists or atheists, are they in the Truth? Why the Science in which they have shielded for many years does not validate their affirmations but contrary to that it refutes them? Who is lying to us and why?

As you might have appreciated, the theme is fundamental, and that is why we will take you in a long way until we find the truth, so we invite you to follow our series of deliveries, if you are interested in knowing what God says regarding all aspects of the True Faith and does not want to continue to follow the daughters or mother of the religious harlots, we invite you to contact us at or visit the web page, you can also ask for lessons by e-mail for your spiritual growth and in that way share with you what God revealed about the Truth which the majority of Religious Groups until today do not dare to say to you, so you decide.